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– Clases de español para todos los niveles.– Clase conversacional para practicar y mejorar tus conocimientos.– En estas cl...
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30 minutes
Spanish Conversational class for all the levels.   Come and join us at an amazing place, our conversation club in Spanish. It will help you to...
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Un curso de habla italiana en el que nos enfocaremos en el vocabulario y la conversación para que puedas comunicarte en tus viajes.
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Cada clase impartida genera unos ingresos que el profesor podrá recuperar dando una clase a la ONG que el decida. El beneficiario de la asociación recibirá una clase de calidad de forma gratuita y el docente será remunerado al 100%, sin ninguna comisión.

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THE TRIANGLE OF EDUCATION SOCIAL LEARNING Our system generates free lessons for people who need them. We: – Support classes for families in need: Many children need tutoring but their families cannot afford it.– Help immigrants and refugees: people who live at risk of exclusion (poverty, war refugees…) have the right to receive a quality […]

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WORK FROM HOME ANDDEMOCRATIZE EDUCATION WHY EDACTIS The current situation has made us realize the benefits of working from home. If you think that education is becoming more and more elitist or if you do not agree with an exclusive educational system, now you can change this without leaving home! Our educational community is made up of […]