Welcome to Edactis!

Edactis is a new concept of e-learning that allows access to a quality education to learners from disadvantaged backgrounds without the teacher’s work ceasing to be paid.

TEACHERS: create their profile for free and publish their class online
at the price they choose.

STUDENTS: register for free and look for the course they need.

ORGANIZATIONS: present thier projects and the free classes they require.

elearning Africa

– At the end of an online class, the teacher accumulates 5% extra on the platform.

– When he/she reaches 100% of accumulated extra, the platform offers him/her to do a class to an organization (NGO…) getting paid with a 100% of the class (Edactis’ comissions will not be charged).

That’s how underprivileged people can receive the same quality education for free.

The more classes students pay and teachers do, the more free classes they generate for students who cannot afford online quality classes.


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