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Edactis is the platform that allows students to earn money teaching classes and accumulate teaching experience.

new concept of social learning that generates free classes to democratize education.


  • TEACHERS: create their profile for free and publish their courses online at the price they choose.
  • STUDENTS: register for free and look for the classes they need.
  • ORGANIZATIONS: provide the necessary materials for their beneficiaries to receive free classes.


  1. For each class taught, the teacher accumulates 5% of the amount of the class.
  2. When he has accumulated 100% Edactis he offers to give a class to an organization in need. The class will be free for the organization and 100% remunerated for the teacher since Edactis does not apply any commission.
  3. Students on Edactis can keep track of the beneficiaries they have helped and interact in the language they have both learned on the platform.
  4. That’s how underprivileged people can receive the same quality education for free.
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