Welcome to Edactis!

Earn money

Edactis is an online marketplace that lets you earn money teaching your subject to the world. Set your own rates increase your earnings. With Edactis, you can supplement or even entirely replace your other sources of income.

Wherever, whenever.

There are no limits to when, where, and how you teach a subject with Edactis.

Global community

Teaching on Edactis is an eye-opening experience. You will automatically gain access to students from all over the world who represent different cultures, backgrounds, and life perspectives. Quite often, it’s a learning experience for teachers as much as it is for students.

24 hours in advance

Students must book 24 or more hours in advance of their lesson.

Cash out

Cash your earnings out using PayPal.


The teacher set his own hourly rates. He keeps 80% of his rate. When an NGO reaches 100% of contributions generated thanks to the classes taught, Edactis proposes him to giva a solidarity class (free for the NGO but paid 10$). When he has given a solidarity class, his benefit for each class will go from 80% to 85%. 


Create a great teacher profile to attract new students

To be successful on Edactis, it’s very important that you have a good teacher profile. The better your teacher profile is, the more new students will be attracted to your profile. Make sure your teacher profile looks as professional, high-quality, and intriguing as possible.

Make sure to have:

  • An engaging profile photo—a portrait of you without anyone else in the photo
  • A compelling, professional-looking video where you introduce yourself, discuss your teaching style, and encourage prospective students to book lessons with you
  • Detailed teaching experience, including the levels and ages you teach and your special skills
  • Competitive hourly rates (not too low, as that signals to students that you aren’t a desirable teacher)
  • A range of available hours which students can automatically book
  • A detailed résumé with pertinent job experience and education

Chat with prospective students

Students will message you, inquiring about your qualifications to teach their particular needs. To send a message, students are instructed to complete a detailed form.

When you receive a message, respond promptly! Edactis has found that teachers who respond to prospective students’ messages in fewer than 4 hours are more likely to gain those new students as long-term language learners. We recommend you respond with a detailed, friendly message to encourage the student to book a lesson.

Start your lesson

At the scheduled time, easily start your lesson using Edactis eRoom, an integrated HD platform that makes it easy to connect with your students.

Technical Setup


To teach on Edactis, you must :

  • Have a stable internet connection, a laptop or desktop computer, a video camera and microphone.

You started the lesson but your student is missing

  1. Message your student, inquiring whether they are running late or experiencing technical difficulties. Wait for their response and help them troubleshoot, if needed.
  2. Wait a recommended 15 minutes after the lesson’s scheduled start time for a trial lesson and 30 minutes for an hour long lesson, in case your student shows up late.
  3. Optionally, report an issue with your lesson and resolve the issue to unscheduled so the student can retake the lesson at no additional cost to them. If you choose to do so, you will only be paid once for this lesson—not both when the student misses the lesson and when they reschedule.

Reporting/resolving issues

As previously stated, if you encounter any difficulties with your lesson, you and your student are encouraged to report an issue with that lesson. Please note that reporting an issue is a method by which teachers can troubleshoot lessons when problems arise; reporting an issue does not send a message to Edactis Support. It is up to a teacher to resolve a reported issue. Edactis will not intervene unless asked to do so via emailing info@edactis.com.

Building Relationships

Retain your students

Learning a language takes time and requires persistence. To help your students in their language learning journey, encourage your students to take lessons as frequently as possible. Try to turn your lessons into a habit for your students, and always suggest a next lesson.

Be service oriented and kind

Regardless of someone’s background or attitude, it’s always important to be friendly and polite to potential and current students. Given the nature of Edactis’ international community, tolerance and openness are paramount. As a representative of this community, please keep this in mind.

Be professional, respond quickly

It’s important to consistently ensure that Edactis students have a great experience with you as a teacher. Since your students are also paying customers of a service you provide, remember to maintain a degree of professionalism. Most importantly, make sure to respond quickly to incoming requests and messages from your current students.

If teacher cancels a lesson, teacher forfeit pay for this lesson and the student will receive a 100% refund of the lesson’s cost. This doesn’t depend on how much in advance you cancel the lesson, 12h policy doesn’t apply to teachers. Student will always receive a 100% of a refund.

Students can unschedule, reschedule or cancel lessons without penalty with 12 or more hours advance notice of the lesson’s scheduled time. Within 12 hours, a student can only cancel a lesson for a 50% refund. For all cancelled lessons, you will earn 85% of 50% of the lesson’s purchase price.

You will be paid for every lesson you teach

You will be paid 80% of the lesson’s purchase price for every lesson you teach, unless you resolve a reported issue by unscheduling the lesson or issuing a partial or full refund. Until a student schedules and takes a lesson, that lesson belongs to the student; they may cancel the lesson at any time for an immediate refund. As such, you are paid for each lesson you teach, not each lesson or package your student has purchased.