Work from home and democratize education!

The current situation has made us realize the benefits of working from home. In Edactis we are looking for committed online teachers. If you think that education is becoming more and more elitist or if you do not agree with an exclusive educational system, now you can change this without leaving home! Our educational community is made up of qualified and committed teachers. While earning money by teaching, they collaborate with NGOs around the world with their time and expertise. All in a remunerated way, without any commission for Edactis.

How it works

Edactis is the platform in which your classes generate classes for those who need them but do not have the necessary resources. The system is simple:

  • For each class taught you receive 80% of the price you choose.
  • After each class you accumulate 5% on the platform.
  • When you have accumulated 100%, Edactis will offer you the possibility of giving a free class to a student without resources but that you will charge in full, without any commission.

We are recruiting committed online teachers! So, if you have training and / or experience as a teacher and want to work from anywhere and at any time, register for free in Edactis and start receiving proposals for online classes while you collaborate in the change for a better world.

Teach from home